Aeolus Energy Solutions has applied for the FAA 333 exemption for the use of Drones at wind farms across the USA, we expect to have the approval by Late December 2015. With the introduction of drones we are able to inspect both Wind turbines and blades much faster. Aeolus Energy Solutions has a large fleet of drones including different make and models, that way we can handle larger and more complex applications.

Benefits of Drones

  • Integrated Real Time Data Analysis

  • Autonomous Flight systems, GPS Stabilized

  • HD Sensors and Thermal Imaging

  • Commercial Grade UAV’S handled by professional operators can provide Higher-resolution visual Inspections

  • Demonstrated ability to work in harsh environment conditions

  • High Definition (4k) images and video are taken during the inspection of the wind turbine and blades and then loaded on the reports, afterwards problem areas from the report can be zoomed in to see the identified problem areas.

  • Our clients receive High Quality Video and pictures in RAW format.

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