• People 
  • Profit
  • Quality: Continuous Improvement

Environmental Heath and Safety
At AES the Goal is to deliver the highest value for the customer at the lowest cost while achieving sustained profit and economic stability for the company.

To achieve this our guiding principles are:

  • Safety 
  • Service  
  • Management by Fact and Analysis

The goals of our safety programs are:

  1. The elimination of accidents/incident
  2. Maintain a safe and healthful place to work
  3. Promote maximum efficiency
  4. Prevent damage to the work

It is the objective of AES to work in partnership with each individual to secure adherence to these standards, which we believe will benefit every employee, our industry, the company, and the public.  Accident Prevention and Safety is not just mandatory, but is also the duty of each person working for AES.  Management, supervisors, and each individual make an ongoing commitment to implement and participate in the safety programs at AES.
We have developed a comprehensive training program for all site managers, supervisors, superintendents and inspectors. AES and Owners will collaborate in developing and implementing a Project safety Management system, to include the Manager’s Safety Steering Committee, sub-committees, and hazard abatement programs.
ISO-9001-2008 &  OHSAS 18001-2007    
Aeolus Energy Servicing is proud to announce the successful completion of the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certification. This is their 2nd annual ISO 9001 certification and the company have passed with exceptional results.

Aeolus Energy Servicing is proud to have received  OHSAS 18001-2007 approval in December 2015.