As an independent provider of O&M services, we align our goals with yours to successfully meet the performance and reliability objectives for your turbines.

With our highly effective operational procedures focused on safety, environmental compliance, operations, maintenance, training and administration, we implement programs aligned to your processes. Our personnel, using these programs will consistently deliver outstanding O&M performance straight to your bottom line and keep your wind farm operating at full capacity in order to attain your revenue goals.

New construction.

Every New construction project has unique characteristics and challenges, Aeolus  energy servicing offers services to organize and manage qualified personnel as they perform all aspects of construction oversight, installation, owner’s representation and quality Assurance/Quality (QA/QC) processes.

We successfully execute and delivery projects by working closely with customers and project team members. Seasoned personnel, who have successfully managed many projects through all phases of construction, lead our experienced project teams. In addition Aeolus Energy Servicing offers the best combination of established subcontractor relationships and in-house expertise.

Construction services

  • construction management
  • owners representation
  • Electrical/ Mechanical QA/QC
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Electrical Advisors
  • Field Assembly
  • Site Safety Management

Our approach to commercial readiness encompasses a support system to take a facility from construction to production. Our commissioning team helps client personnel build valuable skills that remain on site following transfer of care, custody and control. Aeolus Energy Servicing provides total quality performance by ensuring our focus is always on meeting the project schedule safely the first time.

Commissioning Services

  • Pre-commissioning
  • Commissioning
  • Documentation and Training
  • Start-up Management

Environmental, health, and safety supervisors
Project managers site managers
AES has developed a comprehensive training program for all site managers, supervisors, superintendents and inspectors.
AES has a zero tolerance to willful neglect of any safety protocols.

WE commit to a safe and productive work environment and ensure all employees are properly equipped, trained, and reminded of safe practices.

O&M services

  • Turbine/ generator Inspections                        
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Scheduled/Unscheduled Maintenance           
  • Converter Change Outs
  • Blade Inspections and repairs                          
  • Catch Up Maintenance
  • Drive Train Alignments                                      
  • Tower and Blade Cleaning
  • Lightening inspections and Repairs                 
  • Leading Edge Protection Install and repair
  • Tower Painting & Repairs           
  • Yaw system Maintenance
  • Bearing Replacements            ​

Operations and Maintenance 

  • Vacation Relief
  • Tower Torqueing              
  • Foundation Bolt Cleaning
  • Housekeeping Maintenance            
  • Procedure Development
  • Fleet Wide Traveling Crews            
  • Additional Site Manpower
  • Generator Replacement              
  • Gearbox Replacement
  • Drone Tower and Blade Inspections
  • Climb Assist and Air Lift Installations